Welcome to the Gift Article Gazette! Generosity, Reading, No Paywalls!

The Gift Article Gazette aggregates articles with the hashtag #GiftArticle from the largest English-language Mastodon instances on the fedi and lists them here. Only the last two weeks' worth of posted articles are included because Gift Articles tend to expire and I don't want anyone to get frustrated with useless links.

Would you like the gift articles you post on Mastodon to show up here? Tag them with #GiftArticle. Gift Article Gazette finds everything tagged #GiftArticle that has been posted or reposted to one of the top five English-language instances as determined by a instances.social API call. I'm not doing a deeper sweep of instances than that to avoid shenanigans.

It may take a moment for the articles to load, so don't be surprised if you don't see anything at first.