Mastodon Custom Verfied User Search

Mastodon allows users to place links in their bios and self-verify them. Mastodon also makes the verfied links available via the Mastodon API. That means you can make a Mastodon search that shows posts only from users who have verified at least one link in their bios. The Big Mastodon Hashtag Search allows you to filter your results by verfied uses. This tool is a little bit more.

Mastodon Verfied User Search still finds results from verified users, but it looks specifically for users whose verified links have the strings you specify. For example, you might do a hashtag search for rstats and limit your results to users who have verified links containing the string github. You might want to search for digitalhumanities and restrict your results to users who have verified links containing the string edu.

You also have the option to specify Mastodon instances to be searched in addition to the default list.
1. Enter the hashtags you want to search for, separated by commas. Required.

2. Enter the text string you want to find in their verified links, for example github, or edu. You don't have to put in entire domain names - any string unique enough to focus on the results you want without too many false positives is fine. Feel free to use a period (.) -- .de, for example, would be a good way to find verified users associated with Germany. If you leave this blank the search will find all users with at least one verified link in their bio.

3. If you have any other mastodon instances you'd like to include in the search, list them here separated by commas.
4. Click the button.