RSStodon v2 polls the Instances.Social API for the largest ten instances in the language of your choice. Those instances are turned into RSS feeds for the hashtag of your choice and bundled into an OMPL file which you can use to import the feeds into your favorite feed reader.

1. Enter the two-letter language code of your choice (en for English, fr for French, etc. Big list here.)

2. Enter the hashtag of your choice (do not include #)

3. Click on the "Generate OPML" button.

4. Click on the magically-appearing Download OPML File button to, um, download the OPML file. If you want to know more about OPML and how it works with RSS, check out this article from Lifewire. The OPML file that's generated is plain text and won't hurt your computer.

Make sure you're searching by LANGUAGE code and not COUNTRY code; the language code for Japanese is JA, while the country code for Japan is JP.)

If you don't get any results, make sure the language code is correct.