This web site is a collection of one-page JavaScript apps offering new ways to search and explore Mastodon's content.

Would you like to see what's happening around Mastodon? MastoTrends will show you the trending articles from a randomly-selected set of Mastodon instances. Gift Article Gazette aggregates articles with the hashtag #GiftArticle from around Mastodon and puts them in one place for you to read.

Would you like to search Mastodon? The Big Mastodon Hashtag Search searches LOTS of instances (you can even add your own) for hashtags and lets you filter the results in all kinds of ways. The Mastodon Custom Verified User Search lets you not only filter your searches by verified users, but also lets you specify the verified link to look for.

Would you like to find people to follow? David's Dex lets you explore the user directory of Mastodon instances by the domains users link to. Hashtag Harvest shows you what other hashtags occur in proximity to a specific hashtag. Wikimedia-Mastodon Thing searches Wikipedia's Wikidata for articles which have Mastodon accounts affiliated with them.

Would you like me to tell you about the other three things on the menu? The Mastodon Web Search uses the Instances.Social API to find Mastodon instances and then bundles them into a Google search. RSStodon makes RSS feeds for a selection of popular instances in the languge of your choice. The Mastodon Username Helper accepts a Mastodon username as input and tells you lots of fun facts about it (like your RSS feed, your instance, how to get a hashtag-specific feed, etc.)

But wait there's more!: I've also got a few Mastodon things at GitHub if you're the programming type.